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Tree House Get Away - Chiang Mai

After a business trip in Taiwan, a press conference and a world class race, I knew I needed a relaxing vacation and wanted to travel with only the closest friends. As a Thai food addict myself, I suggested Thailand immediately to Yu when I knew she was looking for a travel buddy at the same time.

Chiang Mai, the second largest city in Thailand with a peaceful ancient town and delicious Northern style Thai food was the perfect fit for us. My friend Yu checked hotels and guest houses immediately and sent a treehouse link to me. I knew at the moment it was going to be a perfect week.

treehouse copy

Yu arrived on the same day but earlier than me and after wondering around the old town by herself for a day she came to the airport to pick me up with our guest house’s tuk tuk driver which made my 3.5 hour delayed flight so much better. When Yu and I walked out of the crowd at the arrival gate, a local man grabbed my suitcase. I was startled and trying to hold on to my luggage, thinking “this is not a safe place! Is he trying to get me to rent his car? But I’m looking for the guest house’s driver,” then heard my friend from behind laughing and said “He is the driver!”  

We tried our best to chat with our friendly and helpful driver on the way and learned some basic Thai, like “kob khun ka” (for women) means “thank you”. From there, we started to use “kob khun ka” along with other simple Thai like “Sawaddee ka” (hello), “Town rai ka” (how much is this?), etc. on our trip.

We arrived at Baan Boo Loo, the guest house around 10:30pm, before I knew it the driver carried my luggage again and handed it to the staff there. I remember we said plenty of “kob khun ka” that night. I couldn’t see the garden clearly at that time but I instantly felt relaxed walking towards the tree house and having different nature sounds, trees and warm dim lights around me.

The tree house itself was already amazing. Everything looks so natural at first sight but all has so many details when you take a closer look.


I had the best sleep in a long time there. I felt wide awake at 7 in the morning without any help from alarm. I got out of the tree house and finally took a better look at the garden. It was beautiful! I could see how much effort the owner and the staff put into all the plants, flowers and decorations that are surrounding all the guest houses. Then we were welcomed again by the staff, fresh fruit on the table and the hot breakfast.


I would surely recommend Baan Boo Loo to friends who want to have a relaxing holiday or just want to get away for a long weekend.

Day One in Taipei

This was my second time in Taipei and this city again gave me an extremely good impression. (So good that i'm thinking about moving there.)

It was mainly because of all the friendly and helpful people i met on the trip, the polite and sweet way they speak mandarin and of course, the FOOD. I also love the slower pace of the whole city comparing to Hong Kong or other major cities that i've visited.



Mailboxes right outside of the hotel we stayed in

The second I got on China Airline's plane, I felt relaxed and it's not only because i could finally use Mandarin. Usually i dread plane rides, bus rides, ferry rides or getting on any type of vehicle really because of my annoying carsickness. The actual journey was never pleasant to me.

And then i found the BAE.


BOSE QuietComfort 20

This bae will take you to a magical world. The second you put them in your ears, you are separated from the real chaotic noisy crowd around you and sent to a peaceful world where you are completely alone. You feel like you are watching the real-time 3D movie and the only difference is that you get to choose your own background music.

IMG 1184

Book of the trip: Quiet by Susan Cain - This book gave me a totally different view on the word “introvert”. Highly recommended.

We then safely arrived at Taoyuan Airport and had a long bus ride followed by another taxi ride.

IMG 1199

Taipei and its motorcycles

I found it cool and intriguing at the same time. I still remember my first time visiting Taipei. A few Levi’s staff showed me around a famous night market this way. (we met because i bought a pair of jeans at their shop… which shows you how friendly they are)

They also told me a guy in college would have ZERO chance to find a girlfriend if he doesn’t have a motorcycle. I don't know if that was true or not but many of them do receive one as their 18th birthday gift from their parents.

2015 Jan Taiwan

First Time in Taipei in Jan 2015

IMG 1202

This time we stayed at this artistic hotel in Taipei Xinyi Road section. This cute map is on the wall of every room in the hotel.

When we finally checked in, we were so starving that we didn’t have the mood to look for any particular restaurant. Then we accidentally walked in this award winning noodle place.

IMG 1211

IMG 1213

Award winning beef soup rice noodle

IMG 1212

Crispy outside and freshly cooked chicken with mixed veggie filling

I personally loved the spring roll dish more than the noodle.

Now supper.

Yes, I had another meal 2 hours later with all colleagues after work.


IMG 1220

IMG 1224

IMG 1226
Impressive veggie

The dish i loved the most was the sushi-like fish egg roll which was gone even before i got my camera out.

IMG 1225

Too many bones but it tasted fresh which was what we needed

 Also have to mention all the fruit i had in Taiwan... One of many reasons I have to go back.



Hong Kong - Feb 2015

Some photos of my trip to Wong Tai Sin and the Peak Trail ... enjoy!


Taiwan Trip 2015

Taiwan Trip 2015. One of the best places to visit. Friendly people, cheap food and amazing sight-seeing. A must for all you travel freaks. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt, which offered excellent rooms.


IMG 5685


IMG 5686


IMG 5687



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