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#10 - PARIS

I went to Paris! JK. But Shenzhen for real!

Also it's a 3 meal cooking challenge.... Enjoy! ;p

#4 Rock Climbing in Yangshuo Guilin

My first attempt of rock climbing and fell in love with it instantly!
Sometimes limits are just your imagination. This video is also suitable for Mandarin listening comprehension.


First Impression of Malaysia

On the Malaysia Airline plane, I finally watched Pitch Perfect and loved it.

On Nov. 25th's midnight, I arrived at Kuala Lumpur international airport with 43 kg luggage, 13 kg luggage overweight.


When airport security guys saw me with two giant suitcases, they probably decided that it was suspicious and insisted to open one. So they did and found hundreds of race numbers. I told them all the info they wanted to know about the annual trail running race in Janda Baik and then they were kind enough to zip it up again for me.

Later on I learned from my Malaysian friend that "Janda Baik", a mountain area in Malaysia means "Good widow" in English. I still don't understand why people would name any place that.
I then managed to find a tiny SIM card booth in the Airport at 1:00 am and stood there for half an hour waiting for the staff to enable a 5 day data plan for the temporary SIM card I just bought. (The system somehow didn't work that night so I left with a SIM card with only 900MG data, hoping it would last for at least one day.)
After many lift rides trying to find the taxi stand, It took me by surprise that the airport taxi was not the same as the normal taxi and I had to buy a ticket from the counter in the airport which apparently charged a lot more, then one of the staff there directed me to a premier taxi. They said I had too much luggage and couldn't fit in a budget taxi.
I stayed at the same hotel for 3 nights and the first thing I did every morning was to get out of the bed and open the curtain. Because I knew I would not be able to have another glance of KL during the day.
KL copy
I was right. I worked at the mall that was connected to the hotel and the "world of sports" in Gardens Mall was my office in KL.
Ordered take away from this Thai Food place for almost every meal
I would not miss the chance to eat at the local staff's favourite food court of course.
food court dinner
It was the only time I didn't order take away
And I was determined to try the fried chicken with coconut source that my friend Hasrul kept mentioning. It was pronounced very close to - "Rundown".
I did, at the Airport where we had 3-4 hours delay on Sunday evening after the race.
delicious rundown
chicken fried with coconut sauce
I was lucky enough to work with some amazing local staff there! They helped me immensely and made my Malaysia Trip fun even though we didn't have any chance to step out of the mall.
partners"Sci-fi", me, "Chan", and "Husle" (From left to right) (Nicknames)
Working mode
(Source: AAE facebook)
Just like everywhere else, Star War's laser sword and its plane attracts loads of fans. (in Garden's Mall)

Things i miss about Chiang Mai

1. Quality metime


Reading with some warm black tea in the tree house. Whats better than this?


2. Cat cafe - Catmosphere


We spent a whole afternoon there. While my friend Yu was playing with all cats, I was taking a thousand pictures. This is my favorite one.


3. Temples


I thought people were exaggerating when they say in Thailand temples are everywhere. They are, everywhere and gorgeous too.


4. Elephants and flowers


I like elephants a lot. Although i didn't see enough elephant on this trip, i saw this particular flower everyday.


Yu pinned this orchid in my hair in the morning and I wore it for the whole day. 


5. Yes. The tree house


Everything about this guest house.


6. Hanging out with this girl.

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